Creative Dialogue VII


Kaija Saariaho

Anssi Karttunen

Tuija Hakkila


Cecile Marti. composer, Guildhall School of Music

Artur Akshelyan, composer, Conservatoire de Geneve

Nina Young, composer, Sibelius Academy

Walter Sallinen, composer, Sibelius Academy

Eirik Fosstveit, piano, Norges Musikhøgskola

Auroora Lahti-Hintsala, piano, Sibelius Academy

Antoine Ouvrard, piano, Conservatoire de Paris

Miguel Colom, violin, University of the Arts, Berlin

Yoonhee Lee, violin, Amsterdam Conservatory

Ester Forsberg, viola, Copenhagen Conservatory

Tim Hansson, viola, Sibelius Academy

Cameron Crozman, cello, Paris Conservatory

Oskari Holopainen, cello, Sibelius Academy

The first Creative Dialogue in Finland. 31.1.-7.2. at Kallio-Kuninkala, Järvenpää


In 2015 Creative Dialogue opened to Europe, giving the opportunity for European Music Schools to share in the creative experience. The fact that the same family who owns the Acequia Madre house in Santa Fe also has a residence in Tuusula Finland and is in close collaboration with the Sibelius Academy, made it natural to start the workshops in alternate years in Santa Fe and Tuusula. The residence in Tuusula has wonderful facilities with a concert hall, rehearsal studios, grand pianos, which makes it possible to include instruments that would be challenging in Santa Fe. Pianists were able to participate for the first time and the presence of Tuija Hakkila on the faculty was an inspiration for all. Seeing Ainola, the residence of Jean Sibelius from the window while working with young composers doesn't take anything away from the magic either!


WALTER SALLINEN: Threnody, for Piano Quartet

Miguel Colom, Ester Forsberg, Cameron Crozman, Antoine Ouvrard

KAIJA SAARIAHO: Je sens un deuxième coeur, vla, vc, pno

I Je dévoile ma peau

II Ouvre-moi, vite

III Dans le rêve, elle l'attendait

Tim Hansson, Cameron Crozman, Eirik Fosstveit

CECILE MARTI: Thread,  for Violin and Piano

Yoonhee Lee, Auroora Lahti

KAIJA SAARIAHO: Cloud Trio, for string trio

I Calmo, meditato

II Sempre dolce, ma energico, sempre a tempo

III Sempre energico

IV Tranquillo, ma sempre molto espressivo

Miguel Colom, Ester Forsberg, Oskari Holopainen

-- -- --

NINA YOUNG: Spero Lucem, for Piano Quartet

Yoonhee Lee, Tim Hansson, Oskari Holopainen, Eirik Fosstveit

KAIJA SAARIAHO: Ballade, for piano

Auroora Lahti

ARTUR AKSHELYAN: ...Sinuous..., for Piano Trio

Miguel Colom, Oskari Holopainen, Antoine Ouvrard

KAIJA SAARIAHO: Light and Matter, for piano trio

Yoonhee Lee, Cameron Crozman, Antoine Ouvrard