This was a particularly happy year. There is always something unpredictable that happens when young composers and performers get together to discover all the ways they can learn from each other. The amount of collaboration and learning was impressive. It was also particularly nice to follow Magnus share his time and spend a lot of time playing his pieces with the students, which gave them a priceless feel of his way of making music.


Chen Halevi, clarinet

Anssi Karttunen, cello

Magnus Lindberg, composition, piano


Creative Dialogue V

Andrew Bergmann: Límites

for 2 clarinets and 3 cellos

Veera, Carlos, Patrick, Joann, Markus

Yuan Peying:


for clarinet and cello

Shi-Wen, Joann

Yoshiaki Onishi:

Tr (epilogue)

for cello


Bryan Jacobs:

do you need, do to me, 18 me, 18 mean

for 3 clarinets and 3 cellos

Veera, Shi-Wen, Tiffany, Joann, Patrick, Markus

Conducted by Yoshiaki



Andrew Bergmann, composition

Carlos Cordeiro, clarinet

Shi-Wen Fan, clarinet

Markus Hallikainen, cello

Bryan Jacobs, composition

Patrick McGuire, cello

Veera Myllyniemi, clarinet

Yoshiaki Onishi, composition

Yuan Peiying, composition

Tiffany Valvo Lopez, clarinet

Joann Whang, cello