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In Creative Dialogue France 2024 the faculty will be Magnus Lindberg composer, Nicholas Daniel, oboist, Steven Dann, violist and Anssi Karttunen, cellist.

Creative Dialogue France follows the educational concept developed by Kaija Saariaho, Anssi Karttunen and Magnus Lindberg in 2007. 13 editions of Creative Dialogue have been held in the USA and Finland in collaboration with Sibelius Academy of Helsinki and some of the most famous musical institutions of the Northern Hemisphere: Juilliard School, Yale University, Colombia University, CNSM de Paris and Lyon, HEM de Géneve, Royal Academy of Music of London, etc. In 2021 Creative Dialogue France opened a new European chapter in a culturally rich area of France.

The workshop brings young performers and composers as close as possible to the moment of creation. In the Conservatories and Music Schools musicians learn most of the important aspects of their profession from their teachers, but the area of learning from each other during the process of creation is often not addressed enough. This is why Creative Dialogue seems so necessary to us.

The composer participants bring scetches which are revised, finished and performed together during the workshop. The performers also work on pieces by the faculty composers together with the composers and the faculty members. Everyone, including the composers take part in the improvisation workshops. All the technical, artistic and emotional challenges are solved together under the supervision of the more experienced colleagues and all pieces that are worked on will be performed at the final concert.

Our participants come from around the world recommended by their teachers, we don't hold auditions. We look for musicians who are talented but who don't necessarily yet know themselves that their lives might be changed by new music.

The workshop is very intense and gives the participants an immersion into the creative process. The role of the faculty is not to be teachers, they are available to share their experience with the young musicians in a practical situation. Learning to understand the minds of the composers helps to imagine how the minds of historical composers worked. The composers learn what is important in communicating their ideas to performers. Creastive Dialogue has always been an eye-opening experience for all participants, most of them find their musical lives forever widened, many new collaborations and ensembles have been created thanks to Creative Dialogue.

In 2023 Creative Dialogue France was marked by the tragic death of Kaija Saariaho. Working with young people was always very important to her and she was instrumental in developing the Creative Dialogue. It is natural that we remembered her by dedicating the concert of the 25th of August to her memory.

The faculty 2023: composer Magnus Lindberg, soprano Lucy Shelton, violist Steven Dann, cellist Anssi Karttunen.

The faculty 2022: composer Julian Anderson, cellist Anssi Karttunen and violist Steven Dann.

The faculty 2021: composer Magnus Lindberg, violinist Ernst Kovacic, violist Steven Dann and cellist Anssi Karttunen.


CONCERT 2021            CONCERT 2022

Participants 2021-2023:


Nastaran Yazdani - Iran 2021

Philip Dutton - UK 2021

Geoff King - UK 2021

Gabriele Mercanti - Italy 2022

Francesco Vitucci - Italy 2022

Bengisu Önder- Turqye 2022

Angela Elizabeth Slater - UK 2023

Dachan Kim - Korea 2023

Luca Ricci - Italy 2023


Daniele Brekyte - Lithuania 2021

Phelan Walker - Norway 2021

Jennifer Murphy - Ireland 2021

Ariane Jebsen Alvestad - Norway 2022

Shannon Lee - USA 2022

Minchae Kim - USA 2023

Lovisa Ehrenkrona - Sweden 2023


Creative Dialogue France, Château de Beauchêne 15th-25th August, 2024

Chateau de Beauchêne, 49123 Champtocé-sur-Loire - France



Tel: +33 6 88 48 48 67


Tel: +33 6 40 23 76 70




Creative Dialogue France is supported by:

Fondation de Luxembourg


Ryan Davis - Canada 2021

Max Nyman - Finland 2021

Aurore Pignoque - France 2021

Joshua Kail - USA  2022

Elaine Ng - Hong Kong  2022

Nicolas Algot Swensen - Norway 2023

Rebecca Miller - Canada 2023


Fiona Robson - Canada  2021

Katarina Leskovar - Slovenia  2021

Maria Franz - Germany  2021

Caroline Paulsen - USA  2022

Philipp Schupelius - Germany  2022

Lexie Krakowski - Canada 2023

Tom Pickles - UK 2023


Abagael Cheng - USA 2023

Sandrine Schau - Norway 2023

Louis Tiemann - USA 2023


Muriel von Braun

Dachan Kim

Nuño Fernandez

Loie Fallis